Is Your Company Data Insured


The protection that PhoenixIFS CyberEdge provides is a valuable additional layer to the most powerful first line of defense against cyber threats—a company’s own IT system. Constantly monitoring the cyber landscape, we keep insureds at the forefront of the industry as cyber risks continue to evolve. Our preventative tools provide our clients with the knowledge, training, security, and consultative solutions to help them stay ahead of the curve and our breach resolution team provides responsive guidance based on years of experience.

CyberEdge PC is a first-of-its kind, excess, difference-in-conditions cyber insurance solution that helps organizations stay ahead of the curve of cyber risk. No longer do organizations need to answer the question,

Do we have coverage for a security breach in our traditional insurance policies?

Additional Layer of Protection

  1. Adds capacity above existing insurance programs solely from a loss from a cybersecurity failure.
  2. Enhances underlying coverage through difference-in-conditions coverage designed to fill gaps in coverage for cybersecurity risk.
  3. Fills in when an underlying sublimit caps cybersecurity-related coverage.
  4. Leverages the features of an organization’s underlying traditional property, casualty, aerospace, marine, environmental, healthcare, E&O, cyber, or fidelity insurance program.
  5. Provides access to underwriting and claims experts specialized in these lines of business.


Rapid and Responsive Guidance When Needed Most

  1. 24/7 access to the CyberEdge IBM-supported hotline.
  2. Added experience and expertise of the CyberEdge claims experts.
  3. Immediate support of IBM and the CyberEdge expert network of legal firms, forensic investigators, and crisis management firms.


PhoenixIFS Cyber Insurance coverage

PhoenixIFS Cyber Insurance coverage